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Radka Retouching

Radka is an experienced professional retouching artist serving professional photographers. She specialises in hi-end digital retouching.


Radka has been instantly upgrading her skills and learning various techniques of digital image manipulation and has been incorporating some retouching and workflow techniques into her work on a daily basis. I will always make a great effort to learn and adapt to her client's needs.




With a background in darkroom printing & manipulation, Radka understood the pre-digital age of printing better than most. She quickly transcribed her, dodging & burning, enlarging & masking from darkroom to the computer as the technology embraced the photographic profession.


On arriving in Ireland in 2005, Radka joined International Award Winning Photographer Gerry O’Leary as a digital retoucher. She worked for him full time for the next 5 years. Working alongside a professional photographer Barbara Corsico, and under the leadership of Gerry, Radka excelled as a master retoucher. Other responsibilities included scanning & printing in a sophisticated colour managed environment.

At Gerry O'Leary Photography, everyone understood the value of training and up-skilling in the latest technology. Well known guru Guy Gowan was regularly engaged for in-house staff training. Radka quickly embraced Guy’s efficient workflow techniques, while maintaining non-destructive editing principles using layers & channels.


Radka's goal is to become your first-choice personal retoucher, understand your unique vision and deliver on your style preferences. 



Radka has been through a number of workshops and intensive trainings on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Creative Suite. Her work has been strongly influenced by Guy Gowan, one of the world's leading solution providers and the undisputed expert in Adobe and Apple software. 


Using layers has been her fundamental workflow which has become a norm. Radka realizes it enables maximum flexibility while maintaining non-destructive editing principles and ease of use.

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