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I am not taking credit for the photography, only for the retouching.

Retouching architectural images, that is the love of my life. Interior or exterior, I do not mind!

There is a certain workflow on every kind of retouching. From raw to final, I start with exposure blending most of the time.

When it comes to architectural photography, the hard work lays on the shoulders of the photographer. He needs to wait for the perfect weather conditions, prioritize good lighting, look for a unique angle and choose the composition. For the indoor shot, the photographer needs an eye of an interior designer. Yes, he needs to see the final photograph first, then he starts to move the things around, furniture, tables, chairs, flower decorations. He pays attention to bed covers, pillows, cussions, window views, mirror reflections, light reflections. And he most definitely needs a professional retoucher to put all the shots together!


Photoshop architectural retouching can be tedious. A great attention to detail is a must. Most of the time we simply want cleaner shots. I use many retouching tools and techniques to remove undesired objects, I clone, resize, warp objects to match. This goes along with some global adjustments to improve the overall look, using levels, saturation, colour balance. It is a game of small adjustments adding up to a bit difference but once you see the before and after, you will see why it is worth paying attention to those details.


I am not taking credit for the photography, only for the retouching.

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